Curds and Whey…well maybe not whey

Seasonal fruit and store bought pound cake make for an easy dessert.

In this week’s post we’re revisiting something that I’ve talked about quite a bit through the years…curd. Fruit curd is super easy and can be dressed up or down and switched up in so many ways. Its like the utility fielder of the dessert world.

Back in September with the donut post, I included a recipe for Passion Fruit Curd at the bottom. I actually shot video for how to make the passion fruit curd at the time, but didn’t have it edited in time to be added to the donut post. I’m bringing this up again, because knowing how to make curd will be extremely useful for an upcoming recipe (most likely next week’s post, hint hint).

One of the great things about knowing how to make a good curd is that you can change 1 simple ingredient and completely change the flavor. Sub out lemon juice for, blood orange, mango, passionfruit, or key lime (or countless options) and you can easily adapt it into all sorts of new and interesting combinations and purposes. Like using it as the filling between cake layers (hint!),donut filling or an easy way to dress up a store bought pound cake or homemade eclairs as we’ve discussed in previous posts.

The other advantage of making your own curd besides being able to come up with all sorts of fanciful flavor combinations, is that you can scale it up easily and its inexpensive to make at home. I recently paid $5 for a 4 oz jar of store brand lemon curd and wound up needing a few jars worth to finish a recipe. My recipe for curd usually yields about 8 oz. So a cake that would have had negligible costs because I used things that were already in my panty wound up costing the price of curd plus the time and inconvenience of a  late night trip to 2 different grocery stores to buy more because I underestimated the amount I’d need.


6 Egg Yolks

3/4 cup granulated sugar

½ cup Citrus Juice (lemon, lime, orange and passionfruit make good choices)

3/4 stick chilled butter cut into cubes

1 tsp finely grated zest

In a heavy bottomed sauce pan combine egg yolks, sugar, citrus juice, in a heat bottomed sauce pan over low heat, stir constantly until mixture thickens and coats the back of a spoon. Run mixture through strainer to remove any large pieces. Then slowly stir in the butter until all the butter has been added and is melted. Cover curd directly with cling wrap to prevent a skin from forming and let cool in the fridge before using.

And here’s the video to show you how its done…


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