About this blog:
There’s a few purposes for this blog, first it’s a spot for me to talk about food, food related news, musings, mental floss, share recipes and occasionally rant about U.S. food policy. The second purpose is to be a food-focused sister site to my photography portfolio, samfoster.net.

Originally when I started this site back in 2013, it focused around the challenges of getting dinner on the table everynight given everyones hectic schedules and various food allergies and sensativities. Now some 5 years in, its less about getting a healthy meal on the table in a timely fashion and more about cooking things that I find fun and interesting. Often with an Asian Fusion bent. Sometimes I’ll share family recipes other times it will be recipes that I’ve created through the years. I post new content on Tuesdays and if you follow me on instragram or twitter, you get BTS shots and sneak peeks at future content.

About the blogger:
I’m a food lover, photographer, visual artist, baker and cook. My earliest and fondest memories are being in the kitchen with my Mom and grandmother watching them cook. Eventually, they taught me to cook and gradually started to teach me the family recipes.

All the photography on this site is protected by copyright. I am the creator and copyright holder of all the photography, graphics and images on this site unless otherwise noted. Please do not use images or recipes from this site without my written permission.

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